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Authority for Assignment - Releasing the Mantle of God's Government in the Marketplace

"Believers in the marketplace are up against tremendous odds. But God has "leveled the playing field" for His people as they defeat the spirit of Babylon and every demonically engineered system of opposition in the marketplace. Learn how to apply this great authority in Christ as you advance in your assignments!"

Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw - Author


"This book will become like water in the desert for many marketplace leaders who have wondered why their sincere efforts to grow their businesses and advance the kingdom of God in their sphere of influence has been met with severe demonic attacks."


Dr. Francis Myles - Author: The Order of Melchisedek

Authority for Assignment...

Releasing the Mantle of God's Government in the Marketplace!



People often ask..."Why do I seem to be defeated in my quest for success in my career? Why does everything seem to work against me? How do I move out of the old trends of defeat? How do I make a stand for my unique way of doing things?"


Here is a book that will you give answers to those questions and more! Read what others are saying about this incredible book, now in its second printing...



"Rather than live by default and reap the Law of Unintended Consequences, we have the power to choose new opportunities, new solutions and new resources in the marketplace and to be God's ambassadors and change agents for accomplishment and restoration in the earth. I express my full appreciation to Dr. Bradshaw for listening to the call of the Lord and writing this book to deliver His timely message."


Carolita L. Oliveros, BA, MEd, JD, PC, President - Leader, US Dept. of Trade Delegation/Faculty Member, University of Arizona



"Dr. Bradshaw brilliantly describes the priority of God in finishing the mission and purpose for which Jesus was sent. Embrace the revelation within this book while embracing your part in finishing well, the race for which you have been born."


Robert Ricciardelli - Founder "Converging Zone Network"



"I recommend this book because it is laying down a strong foundation for what is about to be understood and come next in the Kingdom corporate world."


Julio C. Herrera - Vice President  of Strategy, Planning and Performance Management - (BP) British Petroleum Company, Exploration and Production - Houston, TX



"Dr. Bradshaw has diligently searched out and revealed the truth of Jesus' governmental authority: The Mantle of Misrah. Entrepreneurs and marketplace leaders will find new grace by which to bring Kingdom authority to bear on strategic opportunities and daily challenges."


John Anderson, CEO, The 6 Sigma Group/Gig Harbor, Washington






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