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  "Blue Diamond Directives"

"...For Life at the Top of the Ladder

...and Beyond!"

In the marketplace people are all pursuing careers and  successful lives. They are climbing as swiftly as they can to reach the top rung of the "success ladder." But what happens after they go as high as humanly possible. How do they improve on what they've already done? Many ask the question..."What's Next?" 

The answer is "GOD'S WAY!"


It's the way of the Lord that takes you to "Life at the Top of the Ladder...and Beyond!"


Like the patriarch Jacob in Genesis 38:10-17, we need to discover the "ladder" that leads to God and receive Godly directions to navigate above and beyond the levels of our talents, skills and natural assets.

We need...



Directives: Something that directs and usually impels toward an action or goal, especially an order issued by a high level body or official.  (Webster)


There is no greater "Director" or "High Level Official" than God Himself! And as Christian resource providers we need to understand the powerful influence of Godly direction and the strength of His purposes.


God is lifting us to higher places as we manifest His Kingdom on the earth! He empowers us with His Word and the powerful wisdom that we find in it. Each month we'll feature a powerful "Directive" from God that will literally change our directions and give us new incentives and insight into upward mobility, God's way!





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