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Apostle Dr. Carl White Jr. - Presiding Apostle of Victory Christian Int'l Ministries, Community Advocate, Network Leader, Social Champion


Apostle Dr. Carl White Jr., a 35 year veteran pastor of the Kingdom of God, is the Presiding Apostle of Victory Christian International Ministries, headquartered in Markham, IL with churches in the states of Arkansas, Indiana, and Illinois. He is president of Southland Ministerial Health Network of Chicago-land. This organization provides, information, inspiration and resources to citizens of the southland and surrounding communities. Known as a "Master Bridge Builder," Dr. White is the spearhead of numerous major municipal and governmental projects that benefit the communities and Kingdom of God at-large. Dr. White is a contributing editor for The Gospel Tribune Newspaper and also serves as General Editor. He was the Coordinator for the Simultaneous Revival for the South Suburban Ministers Group for 17 years and worked with Operation Push as a negotiator for Rev. Jackson for 10 years. He served on the Criminal Justice Board for Cook County, IL under Chief Judge Timothy Evans and is Chairman of the South Cook County Advisory Board for Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle and is also on the Advisory Board for Atty. General Lisa Madigan.   Click Here!

Wende Jones - Founder/CEO Agile Labs

Business Services


Wende Jones is founder and CEO of Agile Labs - Business Services, a software company that focuses on applications for the web and mobile devices for her clients that are spread out from Oregon to Washington DC. She has her credentials as a certified management consultant (CMC) and is a founding member of the Northwest Christian Chamber of Commerce and serves on the Board. Wende also serves on the board of directors of the Nehemiah Propject International Ministries because of her desire to see other Christian business owners excel and build sustainable and profitable kingdom businesses. Wende is an accomplished speaker and business consultant and enjoys educating CEO's and other top executives on technology and innovation. She speaks in Christian marketplace groups, conferences, and venues to encourage, edify, train employees, leaders and business owners for their marketplace field. She has a remarkable ability to transmit the message of "acceleration" to everyone who hears her. Wende is a true Kingdom Asset!  Click Here!

Dr. Sylvester Paul Brinson III

President - The Brinson Institute

Governing Apostle Hope Outreach Ministries/President Hope Bible Institute & Seminary, The SCOPEVision Group


Dr. Sylvester Brinson III, a master theologian, educator, scholar, apostle, prophetic voice and humanitarian stands ready to assist the Body of Christ in fulfilling the Holy Scriptures; to prepare the earth for the return of our Lord. He is a member of the SCOPEVision Group, providing prophetic consultation and direction to companies, corporate leaders, ministries, entrepreneurs and others. Called from his youth, Apostle Dr. Brinson, has served the Lord with gladness form the moment of his initial "Yes, Lord" to the present timing of the Lord. He is a holy man of God, chosen by God as an end-time Apostle who walks in kingdom authority under a precise anointing. He is trusted by God as a result, and is heavily used by the Father to restore the cuttiing edge to the swords of ministries and churches everywhere. Dr. Brinson resides in Port St. Lucie, FL and Chicago, IL and is the Presiding Apostle of Hope Outreach Ministries, Inc., Apostle Primus Inter Pares -The Apostolic Company, President of Hope Bible Institute and Seminary, and Hope Schools of Ministry Consortium, South Bend, IN. He is also the Chairman of the Education Committee of KCIA (Kingdom Congressional International Alliance)  Click Here!







Dr. Sylvester Paul Brinson III


Angela Bradshaw - Senior Pastor/Prophet of Voice of God Ministries, R.A.W. (Real Anointed Women) Ministries, Convener -The "MEN"-der's Breakfast

Pastor Angela Bradshaw is slated as one of God's premier inspirational voices of today. Her desire to worship God, and encourage others to do so, is how she leads her congregation further into God's will, plans and purposes. She not only has a ministry to the Body of Christ at large and to women, but is anointed to encourage men of God, specifically as she often does through her special "MEN"-der's Breakfasts where she ministers to men with special grace. Having over 24 years in the Kingdom and 20 years in her secular career as an air traffic controller for the FAA, she knows how to "control traffic" in natural and spiritual airways! She is the wife of Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw, President of GEMS Network and resides in a suburb of Chicago, IL with her family.

Alex McCaskill - CSE New Dimension Websites, The SCOPEVision Group


Alex has been in the marketing and information technology for the hi-tech industry for over two decades. From in-house SEO and web marketing to professional consultations, Alex takes an out-of-the-box approach when dealing with marketplace websites, search engines, and web crawlers. His desire is to connect you with the people who are already searching for you and to establish and increase your marketplace platform presense. He is an Apostle in the five-fold ministry of the Body of Christ, Chief Systems Engineer with New Dimension Websites, a marketplace platform that expresses and reinforces the identity, purpose, and plans of your existence in the marketplace. Alex is the IT Supervisor for Global Effect Movers & Shakers Network (GEMS) and is a member of the SCOPEVision Group, a consortium of prophetic leaders who serve as consultants and advisors to entrepreneurs, corporate executives, business leaders and others.   Click Here!

Rev. Dr. Tyrone Crider - Senior Pastor Mt. Calvary Church, Publisher -The African American Tribune Newspaper, Advocate, Social Champion


When Rev. Tyrone Crider graduated from Morehouse College in 1981, he returned to Chicago to become Executive Director of Push for Excellence, Inc. He was committed to promoting academic excellence and directing youth into college, trades and careers. Rev. Crider has always believed that Education was the key to Empowerment.  he has served as Director of Admissions and Associate Dean of Students of Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. He is currently the Senior Pastor of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Chicago, IL, and serves as the Vice President of the Southland Ministerial Health Network, and the Publisher of the African AmericanTribune Newspaper. 


He is the President of Genesis Urban Consultants and is a board member of the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) representing suburban Cook County, Illinois.  He serves on the board's Administrative and Mobility Limited committees. Pastor Crider also serves as President of the National Pastors Network. He is an advocate of civil rights and can be found wherever justice needs to be served. His skills as an ambassador are unequalled and he is anointed for diplomacy and statemanship. He is an author, civil rights activist, community, activist and recognized voice locally and nationally. He resides in a Chicago suburb with his wife and family.   


                               Visit the African American Tribune Website today!


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The Mission of


The African American Tribune


After 20 years in publishing, I have decided to launch The African American Tribune. I want to thank my wife, Regina, for her encouragement and support of this endeavor. She has been, and still is, the wind beneath my wings. Also, I thank Lisa Taylor, our Graphic Designer, who has designed every publication since I began publishing.

The African American Tribune is a WEEKLY publication covering the Chicagoland area. Our goal is to provide information that will lead to empowerment. The African American Tribune will serve as an advocate for the community in every area of concern.

The African American Tribune will focus on the following issues:

Public Education

AAT will serve as an advocate for our children. We will challenge the state and every city to adequately fund public education. We will encourage youth to prepare for college, work, trades, military and various careers. We seek to find the positive, best practices in all forms of public education. No one strategy fits all. 

Economic Development

AAT will promote minority business development with a particular interest in starting, sustaining and supporting African American owned businesses.

Political Empowerment

AAT will encourage voter education, voter registration, voter mobilization and voter participation that will lead to political empowerment. After elections, we will encourage voters to advocate for an agenda that will empower the community.

Social Justice

AAT will be a vehicle and a voice for social justice. This current issue demonstrates how we will distribute information that will lead to the changes necessary in the fight for social justice.

Spiritual Growth

AAT will highlight events and activities from the faith based community that will lead to spiritual growth.


Health and Wellness

AAT will provide articles that lead to good health and wellness in the community. We will also highlight the disparities in diseases and seek to improve access to health care.


Youth Development

AAT will always have a particular focus on positive youth development. We will share success stories, highlight positive programs and provide information about resources available to educate, encourage and empower our youth.


It is our hope that you will join us on this journey to inform and empower the African American community.

Working Together, We Can Make Things Better!

Tyrone Crider

Rev. Tyrone Crider







Written by Seventy Apostles and Apostolic Leaders from around the world and across the Seven Mountains of Culture, this is a pioneering, groundbreaking study and practical application and demonstration of the role and function of modern apostles in both the marketplace and the ecclesiastical realm, and the apostolic movement sweeping the earth.

This historic, five-volume series is edited by Dr. Bruce Cook, with Forewords by Drs. Peter Wagner, Bill Hamon, Lance Wallnau, Paula Price, Gordon Bradshaw, John Muratori and other leading apostles such as Rich Marshall, Lynn Scarborough, Johnny Enlow, and Kent Humphreys. Contributing Authors include Bill Johnson, Rick Joyner, Kent Humphreys, Tommi Femrite, Alice Patterson, Stephanie Klinzing, Joseph Umidi, Joseph Mattera, Mark Pfeifer, Sharon Billins, Jon Grieser, Ray Hughes, Axel Sippach, Al Caperna, Tom Webb, Ken Beaudry, Tim Hamon, John Anderson, Mark Kauffman, Ed Turose, Dennis Wiedrick, Lorne Tebbutt, Gayle Rogers, Candace Long, Paul Cuny, Dick and Arleen Westerhof, Christopher James, Daniel Geraci, Gordon Bradshaw, John Muratori, Paula Price, LaRue Adkinson, Larry Tyler, Fernando Guillen, Lee Ann Marino, Max Greiner Jr., Tim Taylor, Charlie Fisher, Doug Atha, Laurie Boyd, Kari Browning, Lloyd Phillips, Kluane Spake, Stan DeKoven, Tony Dale, Philip Byler, Michael Scantlebury, Curtis Gillespie, Stan Jeffery, Gary Beaton, Wende Jones, Carl White Jr., Erik Kudlis, John Burpee, Robert Henderson, Bob Cathers, Nick Castellano, Duncan Campbell, David Andrade, Ted Baehr, Berin Gilfillan, A.L. (Papa) Gill, Henry Falany, Michelle Morrison, James Nesbit, Cal Pierce, Walt Pilcher, Morris Ruddick, Mark Henderson, and Bruce Cook. The anthology also includes endorsements from John Eckhardt, Chuck Pierce, Elisabeth Cochrane, Elizabeth Hairston and numerous others.


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The SCOPEVision Group (TM)


The SCOPEVision Group - Your resource for faith based prophetic/ intercessory support. The SCOPEVision Group has a combined total of over 150 years experience in prophetic ministry. We provide accurate and relevant truth designed to accelerate your arrival at your destiny. Our broad base of spiritual and natural skill sets, along with sensitivity and a desire to see you advance are a great combination for your success.


For more information visit us at  or email us at


         The SCOPEVISION Group ...Accelerating Your Arrival at Destiny!


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On the subject of this book, noted Apostolic Leader and Theologian, Dr. C. Peter Wagner writes... "High quality apostolic succession, both in theory and in practice, is absolutely essential if the New Apostolic Reformation is to continue more than one or two generations. Yes, the subject has been addressed here and there and from time to time, but usually in a rather superficial and anecdotal format. This book however, takes the matter to a completely new level. I feel safe in saying that no one else has ever studied and analyzed this phenomenon to the depth that Gordon Bradshaw has done. The Technology of Apostolic Succession - Transferring the Purposes of God to the Next Genereration of Kingdom Citizens is an exhaustive textbook that should be in the working library of anyone who administers as an Apostle today. If we would all read and put Bradshaw's principles into practice, our movement would be assured of a glorous and sustained future!"


         Available at the GEMS Network "Manna Marketplace"



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The Misrah Academy - Governmental Empowerment Center presents...


           Apostolic Assignment - Apostolic Influence in the Seven                Mountains of Culture


Here is a powerful curriculum on "Apostolic Architecture," the energizing, supernatural pattern behind the New Testament Church and 1st Century Apostolic Movement. Learn how to apply these principles today, to fit modern times with accelerating relevance, yet without a loss of power, intensity or grace. These powerful principles will ignite the giftings, anointing, grace and abilities that are resident in the Body of Christ today. This teaching specifically addresses how Apostles and Apostolic people directly influence the Seven Mountains of Culture and prepare the earth for the Kingdom of God to be fully manifested.


This course is developed and taught by Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw who has operated in the office of the Apostle for more than 25 years in Ministry, Marketplace and Municipal assignments and serves as an apostolic father to many. His widely acclaimed book: The Technology of Apostolic Succession -Transferring the Purposes of God to the Next Generation of Kingdom Citizens  serves as the reference material for this course. (Contact us for details)



"Rather than live by default and reap the Law of Unintended Consequences, we have the power to choose new opportunities, new solutions and new resources in the marketplace and to be God's ambassadors and change agents for accomplishment and restoration in the earth. I express my full appreciation to Dr. Bradshaw for listening to the Call of the Lord and writing this book to deliver this timely message."



Carolita L. Oliveros BA, MEd, JD,/PC, President - Leader, US Dept. of Commerce Trade Delegation, Faculty member, University of Arizona - Phoenix, AZ


"I strongly recommend this book as a must read for every business leader who is called to lead in this critical time in world history."


Robert A. Needham,  JD,  President/CEO, SPECTRUM Advanced Markets, Inc.


"This book, more than any other marketplace ministry, contains the "Divine Response"to overcoming the demonic outrage that is unleashed against the Kingdom Citizens who dare to become voices of influence in the culture. This book will become like water in the desert for many marketplace leaders who have wondered why their sincere efforts to grow their businesses and advance the kingdom in their sphere of influence has been met with severe demonic attacks. Dr. Bradshaw's book contains answers to both the "Why, What and How" questions that are in the minds of thousands of marketplace Ministers all over the world."


Dr. Francis Myles -Author "The Order of Melchisedek"


                        Available at the GEMS Network Manna Marketplace


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The Misrah Academy - Governmental Empowerment Center



The "Mandate to Manifest" Prophetic Training School

"Surely the Lord God will do nothing without revealing His secret to His servants the prophets. The lion hath roared; who will not fear? The Lord God has spoken; who can but prophesy?" Amos 3:7-8


Welcome to a full service Prophetic Training Curriculum ranging from beginner's courses, to intermediate and advanced prophetic training. Training curriculums are interesting and energized to help believers take this important step toward full empowerment for Kingdom Destiny. Workbooks are supplied through the school and programs are set up to fit both corporate or ministerial environments. Course material was developed by Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw, who has been intructing and activating believers across America and other nations for over 41 years. A highly trained staff of GEMS Network Training Instructors stands ready to help you move forward! Inquire today.


Bishop Jerry L. Jones - Chicago's Firefighting Bishop

Bishop Jerry L. Jones is one of Chicago-land's most prominent voices for justice, equality and civil rights, both in the field of ministry and in civil service. Having served 10 years  in various positions, he was appointed as one of the Chicago Fire Department's high level administrators. Bishop Jones achieved the position of Asst. Commissioner and Chief Diversity Officer, helping countless minorities achieve career level upward mobility. He served the Chicago Fire Dept. for 28 years retiring with distinction. He serves as the 13th Episcopal Bishop of the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith Incorporated Int'l, overseeing churches in the United States and abroad in Africa and currently serves as the General Secretary and Global Missions Auxiliary Bishop. 

Bishop Jones received an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the Pentecostal Bible College and was the recipient of the United Negro College Fund's Distinguished Leadership Award and the One Church One School 2007 Religious Leader of the Year Award. He and his family were recognized and highlighted by Ebony magazine in 1991 with a 3 page article on "Chicago's Firefighting Bishop."

Bishop Jones is capable in management and administration as well, having made real estate investments in properties in Bronzeville/Englewood, Gresham Park, Washington Park, Olympia Fields and Port Malabar, Florida. He is also the President of the Hancock House Senior Living Project and the Overseer of the Southwest Memorial Chapels of Illinois.

He and his wife of 43 years, LaVerne, have six biological children and are the grandparents of seven. He's "The Firefighting Bishop" who puts out fires in the natural and sets fires ablaze in the Spirit!




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"HE Turns Things Around!"

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                                A  Motivational Consulting Group

Pastor John McClain & Judah Lionz Ministry


Senior Pastor John McClain, carries a prophetic mantle under the commission of Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw and has a special and unique anointing to gather people from diverse cultures, languages and ethnicities; the majority consisting of marketplace merchants, realtors and farmers. Judah Lionz has been gifted to bring forth a prophetic anointing of grace to the merchants of the Southeast Asian Mall in Minneapolis, Minn., where the ministry resides. This prophetic grace brought Pastor John to the Mindanao Island of the Philippines where his wife, Marizel McClain was born and where he began having relationships with local churches. Pastor John McClain and Judah Lionz embody the mantra of GEMS Network which is to carry on "The 3M Project for Community Success, merging Ministries, the Marketplace and Municipalities" for God.  Click Here!

Olymphia Patton - Pastoral Counselor, Consultant


Pastor Olymphia Patton has been functioning in ministry for fifteen years. Currently serving as Pastor of the Chaplaincy Division at Voice of God Ministries - GEMS Network, she is assigned to pastoral leadership of an outreach team. God has placed in her, gifts of healing and prophecy. The prophetic gifting gives her the ability to counsel, mentor, and serve as a consultant in the ministry, marketplace and municipality. She is anointed to bring the fire of the Lord and use it for deliverance, healing, praise and worship. As chaplain she is anointed to pray and counsel those in hardship and grievous situations. She spends time visiting those with infirmities by praying and bringing physical, mental and spiritual healing. She also visits those who are incarcerated and brings deliverance and a chance for hope. As a mentor she guides men and women to a better life. Pastor Patton is a true "Mother in Zion!" She currently resides in Chicagoland with her family.


Contact her at:


...A boutique consulting agency dedicated to empowering businesses and organizations in the African American community.

Brittney Gault

 Change Agent/Founder/CEO


          Brand Management, Resource Development, Social              Responsibility, Ultimate Collaborations and more...


Brittney Gault is a millenial mega-connector for businesses, non-profits, and individuals. In the digital world, she is everything social, local, and mobile. She has infused her talents in media, education, entertainment, and technology to launch BLACK OPS Management, a Special Projects team committed to increasing the creativity, competitiveness and capacity of minorities, women, and disadvantaged business enterprises. Brittney is a natural "disruptor" because of her inquisitive nature. From social justice activism to cultural sustainability, she is a clandestine operative that leverages her influence as a community activist to advocate and support socially responsible businesses in urban communities.






Global Effect Movers & Shakers Network (GEMS)

The Blue Diamond Resource Group

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