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Networking and Business Partnerships, Music/Arts/Entertainment, Health Services, Consulting, and Public Safety

             MATTHEW FLEMING 
             OMEGA PROVISION
Matthew is a friend and fellow servant who has transitioned from a life of striving to a place of resting in the security of identity and destiny.  He has over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development and relationship management in industries ranging from communications to financial services to performance improvement. Along the way, Matthew was led into an awakening of the "REST of the story." An uncommon process taught him to wait and listen for wisdom. He discovered that a key to our successful tomorrow is not found in improving "performance" but rather staying "present" today.  Now, under the banner of Omega ProVision, Matthew and his wife Lindsay come alongside leaders in all sectors of society to clarify identity, host vision and inspire global synergy.  In addition, as the Tactical Application Coordinator of the SCOPEvision team (G.E.M.S. Network), he facilitates a group of vested, gifted leaders that architect real-world, real-time solutions for the 3M Project (Marketplace-Municipalities-Ministries).  Matthew & Lindsay are based in Charlotte, NC along with their daughter Aidan and extended family.

Gault & Associates - Public Safety Consultants


Dennis Gault, CEO - Gault and Associates, is a progressive leader with a vision of Team Success. He knows God and how to express His voice in his work and life. Experienced in many diverse Fire Service Operations, he has a tremendous documented background with hands-on experience butressed by formal education and training. Well respected in the Public Safety and Homeland Security Industry, Chief Gault's specialties include: Fire Suppression, Rescue Operations, EMS First Responder, Advanced Life Support Engine Company Commander, Fire Engineer, State Certified Instructor, Fire Prevention Instructor/Inspector, Rescue SCUBA Diver, Rescue Helicopter Pilot, Fixed Wind Pilot, Public Affairs/Media Spokesperson, Public Information Officer, and served at all ranks within the fire service to the rank of District Chief. He served on the Chicago Fire Dept. with 30 years experience, 22 of them at command level. He is a certified Incident Commander with Hazardous Materials and Airport Rescue and Firefighting certifications, having been in command of fire services at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.  Click Here!

Glory Realm Ministries - "The Sound of Heaven" - Dr. Bruce & Caroline Cook 


Dr. Bruce and Carolyn Cook are prophetic minstrels, singers and songwriters for the Body of Christ. Their music style spans multiple genres and can be characterized best as "the sound of heaven." They have recorded and produced 4 CD's. The couple is ordained in Christian ministry and Dr. Bruce is an ordained apostle and prophet, spiritual father, financial consultant, author, speaker, businessman and entrepreneur with a heart and calling for marketplace ministry. They have impacted the nation with their gifts.  Click Here!

John Anderson


Advisor John Anderson brings more than 35 years of solid business experience to each client engagement. An accomplished consultant, his recent assignments have included the creation of Strategic Business Plans for ventures in the Pharmaceutical, Algae Culture, Water Treatment, Shrimp Farming, Road Construction, Equipment Manufacturing, Social Media, Media Distribution, and Counter-terrorism spaces. An accomplished executive, Mr Anderson has served as CEO or COO in ventures ranging from global asset tracking, intelligent video analytics, energy management, electronic commerce, cargo security, to pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. In each of these firms, he played a key role in framing and prosecuting the company's intellectual property strategy.

Prior to the entrepreneurial ventures featured above, Mr Anderson was a turnaround executive for global ventures including Ashland Oil, May Department Stores, Sprint Communications, and the Weyerhaeuser Company. During these assignments, he was an customer industry advisor to the IBM Company, Hewlett Packard, Compaq Computer, Digital Equipment Corporation and Tandem Computer and a strategy advisor to the governor of Kansas.

Mr Anderson is founder and president of the 6 Sigma Leadership Group, an international business development group. He serves as a director of Erudite Inc., WM Moss Jr Corporation, Silverstone Pharmaceuticals, and Cylliance Corporation. He also serves as director or advisor to not for profit groups including NET ministries, Life Christian Academy's Math and Science Institute, and Adoption Advocates. He is a technology advisor to Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA).

Dr. Francis Myles


    Author, Apostolic Leader, Conference Speaker, Chancellor - The Order of Melchisedek Leadership University


Dr. Francis Myles is an Apostle to the nations, and Senior Pastor of Royal Priesthood Fellowship Church. He is also a businessman and Spiritual Life Coach to movers & shakers in the marketplace. He was born in Zambia, before migrating to South Africa in 1994. In 1998 he received his apostolic commission to the United States by the Holy Spirit.


He is the founder of Kingdom Marketplace Coalition LLC, an on-line business, social and educational portal and the Order of Melchisedek Leadership University. He is also the best selling author of The Order of Melchisedek and The Spirit of Divine Interception. His newest release, Christ Jesus - Our Royal High Priest, is a must have book for every believer's library! He is happily married to his soul mate Carmela Real Myles and they reside in Tempe, AZ.


Click on the links below to reach Dr. Francis Myles and the powerful Order of Melchisedek Library! Your destiny awaits you!







             This is the book that started it all...


           The Order of Melchisedek

Rediscovering the Eternal Priesthood of Jesus Christ and How it Affects Us Today!


                    Dr. Francis Myles

James Hatten - Music Composer for Film/Television, Member-The SCOPEVision Group


James Hatten is a music composer for film and television, creating original, industry quality music that can be synched with any creative content. He's also created a music library of original music compositions that are available for immediate licensing, and or ownership. His musical expression can best be described as... "Captivating, Progressive, Exhilarating!"  


Hatten's compositions are as memorable as they are unpredictable, leaving admirers captivated and wanting more! His musical genius has thrived from humble beginnings and is now bringing a fresh spin on film and television compositions as we know it. As a youth, the Chicago, IL native received classical piano lessons and is proficient on multiple instruments today. During his freshman year of college the musical composition world was unveiled to him. Growing fond of the works of masters such as Danny Elfman, and Hans Zimmer, James began to relish film and television scores and was drawn by their ability to tell a story with a sound. He has set out to create music that would awaken and inspire listeners to discover their purpose, just as music had done for him.

James also serves as a strong prophetic voice for God as a member of The SCOPEVision Group. For business inquiries contact: Click Here!

Dr. Bill Manduca - CEO of The Vantage Point Group,

Member-The SCOPEVision Group


Throuh his 26 year career, Dr. Bill Manduca has satisfied his desire to know how things tick with an engineering degree from the Maine Maritime Academy, learned how to successful businesses run with an MBA from the University of Southern Mississippi, and understnads why and how people and organizations do what they do through a doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University. He has also put into practice what he learned as a retired U.S. Navy Reserve Officer, aerospace and defense contractor, and a business owner. He has a passion to serve others and help them think in new ways to gain clarity, life/work balance, and growth.


Through his company, The Vantage Point Group, Bill is known as an expert in helping his clients achieve results beyond what they could have imagined, He is gifted at asking questions that help bring clarity on how they see themselves and what their future could be. After working with Bill, many clients feel inspired, energized, and challenged to dig deeper to achieve the success that has eluded them in the past. He gets them to look at their organizations in a new way by focusing on their strategy, structure, processes and people. Dr. Manduca is also a member of the SCOPEVision Group of prophetic consultants who advise and encourage business leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and ministry leaders on God's course of action.    Click Here! 







Apostle Dr. Carl L.White Jr. President

        Serving the greater South Suburban Area of Chicago-land


The mission of the Southland Ministerial Health Network (SMHN) is to realize the World Health Organization's (WHO) definition of health for the South Suburban Communities of Chicago and to raise the voice of faith-filled justice for the communities and congregations. 

"W.H.O. defines health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not as consisting only of the absence of disease or infirmity or mental retardation."


  • Establish the role of faith in organizing and maintaining human communities that are healthy and reflect God's intentions.
  • Reinforce that faith groups live up to their potential as agents to prevent unnecessary suffering.
  • Address the social changes impacting the integration of spirituality and health.


  • To address the issues of unequal healthcare impacting our communities.
  • To address and impact the health of our communities, their financial resources, politics, economics, housing and education.


  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Health
  • Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Advocacy


Membership Benefits

  • Access to all SMHN meetings and events
  • Advertising and increased exposure for your businesses
  • Networking with non-profit, business professionals
  • Networking with policy makers from local, county, state and national levels.
  • Timely updates about funding opportunities
  • Access to current information on local, state, and federal legislations and policies impacting southland communities.
  • Joining other member organizations and individuals to advocate for strategies, programs, and policies that shape southland communities.
  • Opportunities for members to share information about their organizations or businesses.
  • Receive the SMNH monthly newletter, E-News bulletins, and other publications.


     Contact us at The Southland Economic Development Center

                 15406 South Lexington. Harvey, Illinois 60426



Coming Soon...  










Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit (The KEYS Summit) convened by Apostle Dr. Bruce Cook is a powerful resource that GEMS Network is proud to recognize and recommend.God is preparing His bride, the body of Christ, for unprecedented wealth transfer. In order for that to happen, character, maturity and in many cases brokenness must be developed and evidenced in the lives of Christians so that we become stewards rather than owners of the resources God has entrusted to us and that Mammon has no hold on, place in, or power over us 

Click Here 






Belinda Taylor's experience in administration has gathered 44 years of knowledge and expertise. She aquired a love for design through interior decorating. In combining her love for design and her passion to assist others to be the best they can be, she gets to enjoy the best of both worlds, which has afforded her the opportunity to publish the "World Vision Health Consortium Newsletter" each month. Providing helpful information in the field brings her great pleasure in knowing she has contrbuted to the overall betterment of one's health and knowledge of medical technology through desktop publishing.

In her 20 years of Ministry, she has served as an Elder in the capacity of Director of Ministerial Alliances for the Midwest Region, Superintendent of Sunday School, Teacher, Department Head for the Ministry of Helps as well as Regional Director; and now serving in a capacity as one of the Pastors of Intercessory Prayer In the Global Effect Movers & Shakers Network in the Chicagoland area, and as a member of The SCOPEVision Group.

Click on this link for your copy of the World Vision Health Consortium

Monthly Newsletter!

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Priscilla Brown - Health Coordinator, World Vision Health Consortium


Priscilla A. Brown has served in the United States Naval Reserve as Lieutenant Commander - Medical Corps. She's currently employed with the Chicago Board of Education as a Certified School Nurse with a Type 73 status with the State of Illinois. She is also an advocate/liaison for parents and children enrolled in the Chicago School System.  She assists them in the correct academic setting for the providing of equal quality education for General Education children and those with Special Needs and Physical Disabilities. She is the Health Coordinator of World Vison Health Consortium's monthly publication of newsletters on current health and medical news.




Three-N-Three Inc.

Rebuild Your Mind, Body, and Soul

"Don't Just Survive...Thrive!"

Priscilla A. Brown RN/Master Health Admin.

Independent Consultant-Morinda Bioactives


As a Morinda Bioactive consultant she provides products which help toward a more active, stronger body that is able to fight off serous health concerns; a fitter, leaner-"you" and Biotopical age interventions which work at the cellular level to address root causes of aging. She enjoys enriching the lives of many!




Global Effect Movers & Shakers Network (GEMS)

The Blue Diamond Resource Group

PO Box 1609

Calumet City, IL 60409



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